Living Intentionally

Sometimes life sucks. I mean really truly suck. There are sections of life that can be uncomfortable because growing is uncomfortable. But there are other periods of life that aren’t expected, that aren’t within the ‘natural progression’ of things. These are the things that can just really suck. Jobs can be lost, vehicles can break down, break apart and drain your bank account. Friends can get divorced and call into question, ‘if it could happen to them it can happen to anybody’ which it can, which is disconcerting. People get sick and then they get sicker and sometimes they leave us too soon. Women’s wombs can grow with life and their hearts fill with a new kind of love just to have it taken away with an absence of a heartbeat. Sometimes life sucks. The news goes on and we hear voices screaming out at other voices spewing out hate to mask the desperate fear of keep it over there and never here. Please God never here. Sometimes life. . .just. . .sucks.
Sometimes the silver lining looks more like a cloud and the rainbow just looks like an excuse for a wicked storm. People are tooting off, ‘keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side’ and you just want to punch them in their optimistic face because what do they know anyway?
Reality can be bleak sometimes, I know. I know the deep dark pockets of pain and fear. I lived their once. I lived there for a really long time. Long after the dark was chased away by the LIGHT all I saw were the shadows, keeping my eyes fixed behind me, safeguarding me from that darkness closing in. It’s impossible to move forward this way. If you are always looking behind you, afraid that the dark will creep back into your life how will you ever get ahead? The future is before me, my past behind, where are my two feet now?
Always four steps ahead and three back, I am perpetually moving forward. Incrementally and bit by bit I get further ahead of the shadows. It is why encouraging others brings my heart such joy. We live in a world both bleeding and broken. So often we are caught licking our own wounds, forgetting that we are all here with the ability to help one another. Help doesn’t have to be giving up all your possessions and moving to Botswana. Help is as simple as curving your lips up ever so slightly when you look at a stranger. Help is making conversation with the elderly man sitting alone for the fifth day in a row at the Tim Horton’s and reminding him his story still matters. Help is living out your life as one filled with love. I mean love the verb, not the poetic nuance. Love acted out in this play called life. Love reaches out with extended arms and embraces the broken and defeated.
As I sit here typing one handed, rocking so slightly to calm my baby’s quiet storm I am encouraged. Imagine a collective movement of intentional living. Where the masses raced at one another with arms wide open and the anguish and despair was met with the reality of what love should be? As disheartening as it may be to know this will never be true on a global scale, how empowering to know that it can be real in your world! Wake up with the intention of being love to everyone you come into contact with today and see how quickly the shadows disappear. I’ve made a commitment to wake up and live my life intentionally. Can I encourage you to join me? Together, let’s chase away the shadows. Be encouraged!

About The Optimistic Mama

Hello! My name is Amy. I am a writer, wife to a good man I call best friend and mama of three loud and busy little people under the age of 5. I am here in the hopes of being a source of encouragement, a motivator and place of reprieve. We live in a world full of loud and busy. My hope for you is to find a place of quiet and rest. There is a deep need for encouragement in this world and my sincerest hope is to provide that to my readers! If you are someone who might just need a minute to sit with their coffee and enjoy an encouraging snippet. . .you are in the right place. I am happy to to have you join me!

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